We provide a wide range of services including document translation, legal translation, website translation, interpreting and proofreading. We will be glad to assist you during various business meetings, scientific conferences, cultural events and foreign guests escorting. Our dedicated team of qualified and experienced interpreters, translators, proofreaders and multilingual researchers will try their best to meet your specific translation requirements quickly and accurately. We have a long expertise in translation services; our language base encompasses traditional European languages as well as some rare European dialects.

Our agency specializes in translation of different types of documents: scientific, medical, legal, political, technical, financial and others. The sky is the limit for our specialists working with a vast clientele. Our translation team consists of in-house and freelance translators with a sound background and working experience in language translation and interpreting.

Apart from excellent translation solutions, we offer interpreting services for business conferences, legal proceedings, financial negotiations, over the phone talks and other situations that may arise. You can choose from two major types of interpreting services – consecutive and simultaneous interpreting.